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If you're looking for a great way to customize your pool and make it stand out from the rest, consider a creative plaster finish from the experts at All State Technology. Our experienced team offers the standard white marble finish, of course, in addition to a variety of other aggregate finish plasters.


Exposed Aggregate Finishes

There’s more to a great pool finish than meets the eye. A truly outstanding pool finish is durable, comfortable, easily maintained, and it enhances your poolscape environment while complementing your home.

Diamond Brite®, Diamond Quartz, and the new Diamond Brite® Watercolors lines from SGM, Inc. are all of that and much more. Diamond Brite combines natural quartz aggregate with polymer-modified cement, while the non-fading sparkle of Diamond Quartz is available a stunning variety of colors. Our latest pool, spa, and water feature finish, Diamond Brite Watercolors, blends unique tones and hues for a custom design aesthetic. The result of using one of our exposed aggregate finishes is a unique surface that stands up to the harshest pool environments while providing years of beauty and enjoyment.

Diamond Brite Colors1
Diamond Brite Colors2.png


River Rok®


 Natural Pebble Pool Finish blends selected natural aggregates with fortified Portland cement, making it ideal for swimming pools. Available in a variety of colors, River Rok finishes provide an extremely durable and beautiful alternative to the traditional.

Diamond Brite River Rok.png


Durazzo Polished Marble Pool Finishes

There’s more to a great pool finish than meets the eye. A great pool finish is durable, comfortable, easily maintained and enhances your poolscape environment. Durazzo™ is a state-of-the-art, pre-blended pool finish designed to provide an exceptionally smooth, colorful, and long-lasting surface.

Diamond Brite Durazzo.png


Find Strength in Beauty

Made from nature’s finest materials, Krystalkrete® is luxury at its best. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary styles, nothing captivates the imagination like Krystalkrete®. Available in 16 distinctive colors, it combines performance with sparkling colored quartz to create luster and strength that sets the bar beyond reach.

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 12.14.31 PM.png


Traditional Pool Plaster technology before Quartz swimming pool surfaces, pebble surfaces,  and the modified additives for traditional pool plaster, there was only  white plaster. With today’s’ modified surfaces traditional plaster may be the most economical choice for today’s swimming pool surface. The creamy blend of Portland white cement and crushed marble sand  produces a smooth silky look as well as texture. This combination of material produces a surface with an average life span of 9 to 12 years.  I’ve seen some surfaces hold it’s integrity for up to 20 years. As with  all swimming pool surfaces, maintaining proper pool chemistry is  paramount to longevity and family enjoyment. 

Standard white plaster is the tried and true pool and spa surface   finish.  White plaster has been around as long as people have been building swimming pools and it remains a popular choice in spite of the  myriad  of choices that have come into the market in recent years.  Its  simple combination of white cement, white marble aggregate and water  make for an  economical choice that will give you that classic swimming  pool look. 

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